Moroccan style is full of bright colors, many designs, and a deep cultural history. Although traditional clothes for women, such as caftans, are usually the most noticed, the fashion for Moroccan men combines being smart with usefulness. We will look at popular fashion pieces that capture the true Moroccan style for men.
The fez hats
The fez hat, which you can easily spot, represents the culture and traditions of Morocco. It's a red felt hat with a cylinder shape, and its top is flat; also, there is this tassel hanging from it. For Moroccan men, having this kind of hat is very important in their collection of clothes. It adds a touch of elegance and cultural pride to any outfit.
Intricately woven shawls
Men in Morocco commonly wear detailed shawls or blankets on their shoulders, called handicaps or players, as depicted in Moroccan men's fashion in Berlin. They use these for warmth and to display the country's famous weaving skills. From bold stripes to intricate geometric patterns, these shawls are both functional and fashionable.
Embroidered jackets and vests
A Moroccan man's closet is not full until it has a jacket or vest with beautiful embroidery. These pieces, made from good materials such as wool or cotton, have detailed needlework and beads that display the deep craft tradition of Morocco. They add a touch of sophistication and cultural flair to any ensemble.
The traditional Moroccan babouche slippers, as evident from Moroccan men's fashion in Berlin, are where comfort and style come together. They are made of leather and decorated with complex patterns, serving both useful purposes and fashion needs. They perfectly match with traditional Moroccan clothes and can also make a simple modern outfit look better.